“By developing self-awareness about our own strengths and weaknesses, it lets us open up to others.” – Marisa Lascher, The Boston Globe

Marisa’s philosophy, as showcased in the Boston Globe.

With workplace stresses and interpersonal challenges, acting generously is sometimes hard.
Remembering our common humanity is the bedrock of productive, successful, cohesive cultures and businesses.
Marisa helps people understand themselves, others, and their business by encouraging awareness and appreciation. She implements an integrated approach combining self and group reflection, empathy, compassion, and positive psychology theories.
Inspiring others to approach challenges strategically and with authenticity and understanding, Marisa leads customized, transformative culture initiatives, motivating employees and managers to connect.

If interpersonal work dynamics just take soft skills, why are they so challenging?

One hundred percent (100%) of participants reported that the program was useful; 95% reported that it was extremely or very useful.
"Should be compulsory training."
"Really valuable and appreciated - time well spent."

“The challenges I experienced reinforced how important it was to encourage leaders to open up, even to employees they didn’t choose or like.”

-Marisa, The Wall Street Journal, Is the Office Any Place for Empathy


Connect with Marisa to increase your business success with compassion.