Understanding you, your people, and your business

Understanding you, your people, and your business

Marisa teaches compassion to help people navigate complex work dynamics. Using an integrated approach, she increases productivity, retention, engagement, and self-awareness.



“When employees believe that someone is investing in them, they relax and transform their struggles into success.” – Marisa Lascher, The Wall Street Journal, Is the Office Any Place for Empathy


Marisa Lascher combines expertise in empathy, compassion, gratitude, resiliency, and strategic analysis to cultivate high performance cultures and thriving, cohesive teams. She builds trust-based, collaborative relationships and guides individuals and teams to success with a supportive, holistic, personalized approach.



Marisa’s authenticity is so rare in a corporate environment and it inspires others to be their best selves at work. She openly shares her career highs and lows, which allows people to be vulnerable and recognize their self-worth. She led a powerful group gratitude event which brought my entire department together in a meaningful way. I was going through a very challenging period at work and my self-confidence was eroding. Marisa took the time to lift me up, and help me turn things around. I was not only inspired by her intelligent advice, but her empathy, humility and positive attitude. It's those qualities that make Marisa an inspirational leader in the workplace.

CL, Employee Engagement and Change Management
I met Marisa at Lehman Brothers investment bank in 2008, the year of its bankruptcy. She placed me in my first job there, providing guidance and coaching during a stressful start to my career. At the time, I told peers in my analyst class, “If you want to hear honest feedback, go to Marisa.” Years later, this still holds true. Marisa balances straightforwardness with sensitivity and care. Receiving constructive criticism from her feels comfortable because you know she wants you to succeed, and ultimately, she helps you reach your goals.

KR, Financial Services Professional
I had the opportunity to attend one of Marisa’s “Compassion with Colleagues” workshops. It was one the most empowering sessions I have attended . . . I would define the overall group profile as “PBB (Passive Back Benchers).” Marisa, while conducting her session, shared her successes/failures and helped create an environment of belonging, purpose and vigor. I was surprised to see a personality shift and the energy level increase. There is something about Marisa and her ability to connect with people at a human level. I wish I had that ability.

AA, Technology Executive
Marisa facilitated a Gratitude session for our department that encouraged all team members to recognize and openly acknowledge one another’s strengths and values to our work, our office environment, and to our personal well-being, too. By creating the opportunity, Marisa helped promote camaraderie, appreciation, and positivity within the department. We returned to our work more motivated and inspired to value one another on a daily basis.

SS, Lawyer and HR Professional
I attended Marisa’s gratitude and compassion workshops with 20 of my colleagues in San Francisco. The programs Marisa created and led were unique and unlike anything I’ve experienced. With professionalism and approachability, she helped the group connect on a human level that was very meaningful. Within a few short hours, she transformed our team dynamic, bringing us closer together, and the positive effects were long-lasting.

KW, Data Scientist
As a young professional, I was extremely fortunate to have Marisa as my manager, coach, and mentor. Perceptively and compassionately, she guided me through the difficult transition between graduate school and work. She pushed me to think critically, question the data, and search for themes without ignoring outliers. Marisa modeled how to deliver insights to senior management and then continued to trust me to take the lead while providing the level of support I needed to feel confident. I'm grateful she's always just a phone call away.

AB, Organizational Psychologist
Marisa explains what it means to work with others without sugarcoating it. Her education and experiences are the perfect mix. For years, she’s been my sounding board advising on the most challenging of situations. Her advice is invaluable, and her gifts include understanding. motivating, and engaging people. She has successfully translated the community building she did in person to the virtual world.

JN, Technology Executive
Marisa truly practices what she teaches. I am grateful to work under her guidance and see how she incorporates the message of empathy and compassion in the workplace. By sharing her personal vulnerabilities and experiences, she is able to create a psychologically safe space where people are comfortable reflecting on their emotions and adopting new perspectives. Marisa can help you build a more inclusive workplace by teaching you how to better understand yourself and others.

HK, HR People Partner

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